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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beauty at it's best

The trees in my garden are out in full bloom and are so pretty ,just wish they would stay that way all summer.
Lilac trees
Apple tree
Flowering Crabapple tree
Crabapple blossoms close up

Love the smell of the Lilacs.  Have a great day


Pamellia said...

Crab-apples were my absolute favourite as a child, I would eat them until my tummy was sore. As I'm looking at your photos, I'm transported to a time when there were more trees than cars. big sigh. Beautiful pics Marilyn, hugs :)

weim house said...

Beautiful! I completely agree; wished they lasted longer too! Our weigela are out right now! Love seeing the humming birds going from flower to flower! I have so many srubs/ trees/ prennials on my wish list! Happy Summer! (Thanks for your visits!)

weim house said...

Thanks for your lovely comments and flower help! I plan to make some roses one of these evenings or "rain" days! Too many things to play with and not enough time! I love your mix media too! You are awesome! :) Happy Canada Day! :)

Candy C said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Stamping With Bibiana said...